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HireMyMa bringing together forward thinking employers and skilled candidates.

Women don’t lose their skills just because they have become mothers. In fact, the complexity of balancing motherhood with work, requires the honing of skills essential to success in the workplace – being highly organised, stream lining operations, managing multiple tasks, solving problems and handling emergency situations to name but a few. The guiding principle of HireMyMa is facilitating parental return to work whilst matching them to employers who value their contribution and recognise their needs.

Research has shown that accommodating a flexible workforce has a positive impact on business. Not only does it improve staff retention but has a demonstrable impact on productivity as well as the bottom line.

Whilst HireMyMa’s primary focus is on mothers - as they are most likely to take a parental career break, we do welcome dads as well. We have plans to develop HireMyPa, so watch this space!

I think every working MUM

probably feels the same thing:

You go through big chunks of time where you’re just thinking,

‘This is Impossible.’

And then you just keep going and You sort of

Do The Impossible

Tina Fey

Who We Are

I am Akuah Adade,
I created HireMyMa.

I held high profile positions at Asergis Global Services and was forging a successful career path. Then I had children! I quickly found that something needed to change in order to maintain my career path and family life. When I spoke to colleagues, I discovered that I wasn’t the only one in that position.

That’s when I recognised the need for ‘HireMyMa’

What We Do for Candidates

HireMyMa is an interactive employment application service.

For candidates we offer a range of features to help you find the work you want, including our exclusive ‘Video CV’ function, a community forum, links to training courses and counselling, and more.

The Video CV function allows you to record a short clip introducing yourself and your skills in a face-to-face manner directly to potential employers. With this you can show your personality and bring life to your CV, highlight your skills and achievements. Rather than just being a name on a list, show potential employers why you are an ideal candidate for the job with a fantastic first impression.

What We Do for Employers

For employers, HireMyMa not only introduces you to the wealth of talent and expertise our candidates have, but also give you access to our customisable HR workflow. The customisable workflow allows you to add your entire HR team and create and assign tasks and interview stages to fully streamline your hiring process.

You can benefit from our Video CVs which are a great way for employers to get to know a little about the candidate applying without the time and pressure of an interview, along with video and phone interviews and more, which can all be conducted totally via the HireMyMa website and mobile app.

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