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Whether you’re returning to work from maternity leave, or a career break, there are hundreds of employers looking for someone just like you!

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The decision to return to work full-time is never an easy one, and is often met with excitement and uncertainty in equal measure.

  • 1.Set up by Mothers who understand the struggle of juggling a work-life balance, HireMyMa is a unique recruitment site to help parents of all backgrounds and experience get back to work.
  • 2.We understand the challenges and emotions you face and aim to make the transition back to work as easy as possible.
  • 3.Whether you’re returning from maternity leave, a career break, or transitioning from a part-time role, there’s plenty of exciting opportunities available
  • 4.We can support you in your job search with blogs containing helpful tips, links to training courses, counsellors, and a community forum.

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