To develop a Support Network of the Best Talent, and to connect that Talent with the Best Employers.


Through our website and mobile application, we will be the trusted first source for connecting the best employers with the best talent.

We will work with forward thinking employers (public and private), who value the experience, skills, work ethos and loyalty that working parents bring. We will connect those employers with hard working professionals, who research demonstrates will add value to productivity and the bottom line.

The functionality of our technology will provide the ability to become part of the HR function for large and an HR tool for small to medium sized entities.

We will connect people to the right job for their needs, as we are dedicated to getting parents back to work. We will become their agent, advisor and confidant, supporting them through their journey by providing the best resources be it in education, welfare and career development, as well as practical and pragmatic advice and support.

We will empower people to achieve their best and prove their worth to themselves and the world at large. We will provide the vehicle to enable parents to return to work, allowing them to demonstrate that regardless of length of time out of the work place, their contribution will still be significant.

We will provide an online Community platform to registered users, creating a trusted network that:

  • Facilitates shared experiences between like-minded professionals
  • Provides real and useful guidance for employers and candidates
  • Drives open minded employment, to change the status quo
  • Is a social and supportive network to all users whether at work or taking a career break

We will work to eliminate the stigma of taking time out to become a parent. We will do this by working with companies to change the belief that taking a career break to bring up children, mean a loss of skills, ability and professionalism. Rather that it makes sound business sense, as it is recognised that businesses that support better gender balance perform better financially.

We will be more than a recruitment site – we will be a dedicated network to support the flexible workforce, employees and employers alike!

We welcome your thoughts, questions, ideas and feedback

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