Working in Partnership

we are able to offer many additional programmes, ensuring funds are efficiently used, minimising the risk of unnecessary duplication of activities though not restricting choice.

We are more than a recruitment site,

by forming relevant partnerships we are able to offer many additional services that can support your needs.

The Brun Bear Foundation is a registered charity that supports a mix of community, medical and animal welfare causes. 

It does this through the sale of childrens books; community events; supper clubs and an annual epic charity challenge.

The organisation is also behind family fun day Mother Bear! As the name implies, mothers are at the heart of the event. The format consists of an exhibition and eight zones that span work-life balance, mumpreneurship, health and family from pre-natal to pre-school. Proceeds from the event have helped fund over 5,000 wellbeing wallets for expectant mothers in South London. You can learn more here:

We are proud to be associated with The Brun Bear Foundation. To learn more about their work - as well as their charming back story - please visit

We are a business that is concerned with improving the economic wellbeing of individuals and communities Founded in 2011 DET is a dynamic, innovative, results-driven business based in London that has the customer experience at the heart of all that it does and which is committed to providing highly customised solutions for clients.

We have expertise and a proven track record of supporting individuals in achieving sizemic shifts, improving them both personally and professionally with an aim to improve their economic wellbeing. We use a range of solutions to achieve this:

  • -Job brokerage service
  • - Employability support packages
  • - Entrepreneurship programmes
  • - Workshops
  • - Training Courses

Our values are at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to excellence and consistently developing opportunities that deliver outstanding outcomes.

We are a people centred social firm providing routes to employment, education, professional development and personal empowerment.

We welcome your thoughts, questions, ideas and feedback

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